Appointments at our office typically begin with a bit of paperwork. After going over your initial health history and physical examination, we will better understand what is causing your pain and what we can do about it. If your case cannot be helped by our treatment methods, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist. Our office has great professional relationships with surrounding medical specialists because we have gained the trust of many medical providers, your in good hands with us.

A physical examination is very thorough, focused, and will include range of motion assessment, a neurological evaluation and orthopedic testing. What this means is that we will dig deeper to find the root cause of your problem. We will also implement digital x-rays if necessary.

For most cases and conditions we treat, the underlying cause of your pain stems from your spine, muscles, joints or nerves. As your symptoms are caused by a malfunction of these physical parts of your body, a physical approach to your treatment makes sense. Otherwise, your are dealing with your symptoms and not the root cause.