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M Health N Wellness: 

A multi-specialty medical group serving Orange County and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to help you and your families get out of pain, achieve and maintain optimal health, and back to living life. We specialize in rehabilitation in regards to orthopedic, neuromuscular conditions, sports injuries, personal injuries, neck and back pain, shoulder injuries, hip and knee pain, ankle and foot pain. We are unique because we accomplish excellence through the coordinated and integrated services of medicine, chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and wellness programs. Our 3,000 plus square foot facility includes a small gym for physical therapy and rehab, private treatment rooms, massage rooms, and an in house X-Ray room for diagnostic imaging.

Patient Convenience: 
-Extended Hours: Monday – Sunday 
-Prompt New Patient Appointments



Being involved in any type of motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience. It not only affects your health, daily activities, but also financially.

We work effectively with numerous experienced attorneys and law firms throughout Southern California who will guide and take care of each step of the process, so you can focus the rest of your time  on recovering. We accept both attorney and personal liens.